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Private practice for urology

Chief Physician

Priv. lecturer Dr Stephan Hruby, FEBU

Specialist in urology and andrologist

In my private practice, I find it particularly important to consult my patients in a friendly, modern environment with the highest professional expertise. My specialisations are surgical urology and urological oncology. In both cases, it primarily involves situations where wide-reaching decisions must be made and considered carefully.

What my practice offers, corresponds precisely to these situations and complements the treatment by your own urologist.

Everyone is different – and not just anatomically. Therefore, trusting interaction, respect and empathy towards the patient are the top priority for me. I am happy to take the time to listen, to talk, to understand fully. You – as a person – are always the focus for me.

I would be delighted if you would place your trust in me and I can welcome you to my practice!

About me

About me and my career

The focus of my role is the personalised diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, kidney tumours and bladder tumours, as well as robot assisted surgery (Intuitive Surgical-DaVinci system) & laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) and endourology.

I completed my training in open and minimal invasive surgery with the most renowned urologists in Austria. Therefore, I have a great deal of experience and a wide surgical spectrum.

Furthermore, I have longstanding expertise in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer – from classic hormone therapy to chemotherapy, right up to new substances and access to clinical studies. Empathy and reacting to the individual situation of the patient is the top priority here.

Since the start of my training, I have also been active in the national and European expert association – what is particularly noteworthy here is the co-founding and organisation of the Austrian School of Urology by the Austrian Association of Urology, an institution that is unique in Europe.



Important career stages:

  • Married and father of a daughter
  • 1994-2001: Degree in human medicine , University of Vienna
  • 2002: Transplant coordinator liver & kidneys, University Hospital Vienna, Prof. Ferdinand Mühlbacher
  • 2003-2004: Resident for general surgery: Donauspital Vienna, Prof. Rudolf Schiessel
  • 2005-2009: Resident for urology: Kaiser Franz Josef Spital Vienna – Prof. Wolfgang Höltl
  • 2009: Successful completion of the Austrian and European medical specialist examination
  • 2009: Founded the Austrian School of Urology
  • 2009-2011: Chairman of the European Society for Residents in Urology
  • 2010-2016: Senior Physician, Chief Senior Physician & Deputy Chairman (from 2014) – Head of the prostate cancer team, department of urology, PMU Salzburg, Prof. Günter Janetschek
  • 06/2016-04/2017: Interim chairman, department of urology, PMU Salzburg
  • 02/2016: Postdoctoral qualification as private lecturer at the PMU Salzbug
  • Since 2015: Examiner for the European Board of Urology specialist examination
  • Since 07/2017: Chairman of the Urology Clinic at Tauernklinikum Zell/See
  • Numerous study visits and work shadowing placements
  • Numerous international and national lectures, scientific collaborations and prizes
  • List of publication under Pubmed or Researchgate



My philosophy as a doctor

In my opinion, people confronted with a urological disease need three things: medical precision, personal consultation and ongoing support. As your chosen physician, I can assure you that you will receive the best possible treatment from me. I take the time necessary to discuss diagnosis and treatment options, openly, extensively, comprehensibly, and calmly.

The patient meeting

As a doctor, I would like to offer my patients the guarantee that they will be fully consulted and informed if an operation and/or treatment is necessary. I would like to ensure that they know all of their personal concerns have been discussed, and I am pleased to answer their individual questions. After more detailed explanation, I will create a personal treatment plan, accompany and support you during the period of medical treatment. Discretion combined with professional expertise and empathy are the top priorities for me. I would like to personally accompany you on your path to the best possible recovery.

In doing so, the individual, precise consultation on your personal state of health is very important to me. I use the latest, most innovative treatment methods, to give you the greatest possible chances of recovery, whilst maintaining your quality of life.

A precise risk assessment via recognised nomograms and internationally approved guidelines provide the basis for my treatment recommendation.

In an extensive discussion, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various treatment options to you and weigh up what is sensible against what is possible.

What I offer


When it comes to the treatment and diagnosis of urological diseases, the patients primarily require medical expertise and certainty, alongside personal and human support.  I would like to give this to you, by offering a primary physician’s second opinion on diagnosis. In addition, I am at your disposal for extensive planning and risk evaluation before operations, and will develop a sensible treatment plan with you, to maintain your quality of life.

I carry out operations (general and specific) personally at the Tauernklinikum Zell am See. This means that you not only enjoy primary physician and personal care, but also the safety net of a hospital.


The value of a medical second opinion is very important in the case of diseases. This means that you get more certainty on the existing diagnosis and the suggested treatment plan. In doing so, it is particularly important to me to optimise the chances of recovery, responsibly assess your personal situation and maintain your quality of life. In addition, I will explain the modern and innovative treatment options to you in detail.


Every surgery must be planned carefully and precisely. The choice of the right surgical method, the chances of success of the operation, and a clear risk assessment play just as much of a role here as the associated limitation and expected recovery process. Due to my surgical experience and participation in various research projects, I can offer you progressive and target-oriented surgery methods and weigh up what is possible against what is sensible, in an open discussion.

Range of services


I carry out operations (general and specific) personally at the Tauernklinikum Zell am See. This means that you not only enjoy primary physician and personal care, but also the 24 hour safety net of a hospital. The hospital is in a picturesque location directly on Lake Zell with a stunning panoramic view. The wards are modern and welcoming. The urology department has state of the art, high-tech equipment, such as the latest generation of DaVinci X operation robot, digital flexible endoscopy and a modern image fusion system for prostate biopsy.

Important information for patients who must take anticoagulant substances:

Due to the great development in minimal invasive surgical techniques, which primarily differentiate themselves through very low blood loss, almost all surgical procedures can now also be offered to patients who have to take anticoagulants, e.g. Aspirin. I have longstanding experience of this and would be pleased to advise you.



The use of robotics, modern imaging and augmented reality now allow a high level of precision here.I will advise you extensively on the possible diagnosis and treatment procedures in every phase of the disease and will give you an individual assessment of your situation on the basis of your findings, and a well-founded benefit-risk analysis.

  • Targeted diagnosis via MRI and specific tissue probes (TRUS/MRI fusion biopsy)
  • “Liquid Biopsy“, Select MDx test for prostate cancer – The gene test is a simple urine test that indicates the presence of malignant prostate cancer cells. This test provides additional information about the likelihood of finding cancer during a biopsy and its possible aggressiveness.
  • Personalised, robot assisted radical prostate removal with individual nerve protection (“DaVinci-Prostatectomy”)
  • Robot-assisted fluorescence-targeted lymph node removal
  • Consultation and second opinion
  • Whole range of drug therapy for advanced prostate cancer, and palliative treatment and support


The use of robotics, modern imaging and augmented reality now allow an individual risk assessment and therefore an organ-saving procedure in over 70% of kidney tumours. I will advise you extensively on the possible diagnosis and treatment procedures and will give you an individual assessment of your situation on the basis of your findings, and a well-founded benefit-risk analysis.

  • Robot-assisted kidney-saving tumour removal  – “DaVinci-partial nephrectomy”
  • Laparoscopic or traditional open surgery radical kidney removal
  • Drug therapy for advanced kidney tumours


Due to modern technology, minimal invasive removal of the tumour is possible in almost all cases. I work hand in hand with your treating department of endocrinology on this.

  • Robot-assisted or laparoscopic adrenal gland removal
  • Organ-saving tumour removal in selected cases


Modern imaging and the use of augmented reality in endoscopy have led to a significant improvement in diagnosis. Furthermore, the pathological diagnosis has also become significantly differentiated, meaning that better prognostic assessment is possible today. Furthermore, due to technological development, minimal invasive surgery is possible in many cases today, if a radical procedure is required. I will advise you extensively on the possible diagnosis and treatment procedures and will give you an individual assessment of your situation on the basis of your findings, and a well-founded benefit-risk analysis.

  • Diagnosis via state of the art HD endoscopy with fluorescence and NBI imaging
  • Bipolar (circulation saving) transurethral resection of bladder tumours
  • Radical Cystectomy (total bladder removal) - minimal invasive or open surgery- with individual urinary diversion (neobladder, ileal conduit, ureteral fistula)
  • Robot assisted kidney and ureter removal in the case of transitional cell tumours in the area of the upper urinary tract
  • Laser therapy
  • Consultation and second opinion
  • Drug therapy for advanced transitional cell tumour


No gland size is the same. I will advise you extensively on the advantages and disadvantages and the benefits and risks of the various procedures.

  • Bipolar circulation saving transurethral resection
  • Robot-assisted or transurethral enucleation for very large glands
  • Consultation on alternative procedures
  • Consultation for patients who have to take anticoagulant medications


The goal is to be stone free. Individual consultation on the choice of the ideal surgical procedure according to the stone size and location.

  • Endoscopic stone removal via laser or lithoclasts
  • Ureterorenoscopy (state of the art flexible digital HD endoscope)
  • Percutaneous procedure (“Mini” PCNL or traditional PCNL)
  • Laparoscopic stone removal
  • Long term care for frequent stone formation e.g. cystinuria


No obstruction is the same. Individual consultation on the choice of the ideal surgical procedure and extensive consideration & assessment of success prospects of the relevant procedure.

  • Robot-assisted renal pelvis surgery
  • Robot-assisted ureter end-end anastomosis or reimplantation of the ureter
  • Robot-assisted bladder diverticula removal
  • Robot-assisted V-Y lobe surgery for bladder neck obstructions
  • Ureteral stents
  • Palliative urinary diversion

For colleagues

Referring philosophy “Hand in hand for our patients”

My top priority is being able to guarantee optimum care, together with my expert colleagues. Therefore, I always collaborate closely with the referring practice, and advise my colleagues on the individual treatment of their patients with a high level of expertise. Of course, your patients remain your patients, and will continue to be treated by you after the operation and/or treatment. We act together and as partners – hand in hand.

As a specialist in surgical and drug therapy of urological tumours, I regularly run further training courses and am always interested in mutual exchange of information. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested!


About my Practice

My practice is in Privatklinik Ritzensee, which is in a picturesque location above Saalfelden. The modern furnishings and the pleasant and discreet atmosphere of the practice create the ideal atmosphere for extensive consultations.


As your private chosen physician, I will issue an invoice for private treatment, which should initially be paid by you.

You can pay the invoice easily and cashlessly, directly with a cash card or credit card.

We can discuss the expected costs by telephone if you wish. You can submit your invoice to your health insurance provider and are entitled to claim reimbursement: In Austria you will receive up to 80% back of the amount which a doctor with health insurance contracts receives for the same service.

Probably the most important aspect of a good and trustworthy patient-doctor relationship – the time for the patient consultation – is unfortunately not reimbursed by the health insurance companies.


The health insurance companies do not reimburse the costs of services not included in the price list of the relevant health insurance company. With an additional insurance policy for outpatient treatment (private health insurance), there is the possibility of being reimbursed for the difference between the health insurance provider and private fee.

You can find further information about cost reimbursement on the websites of the health insurance providers and/or the Austrian Medical Association.

Laboratory services are usually settled directly with the laboratory providing the service.


Appointments & contact:

  • Online Appointment - Easy and convenient arranging online your preferred appointment.
  • By telephone reception desk Office Centre - Private Clinic Ritzensee: +43 6582 794 or personally
    +43 664 4419720. (Since I operate a lot, it can be difficult to reach me by phone.)
  • E-mail address: -As a rule, I will get back to you within 24 hours, on the next working day.
  • In urgent cases I can usually give an appointment at short notice.
  • In particularly urgent cases, please contact my secretary at the Tauernklinikum Zell am See on +43 6542 777 2810.
  • In the case of urological emergencies, the emergency department of the Tauernklinikum Zell am See is available 24 hours a day.
  • Timely cancellation: In case of your inability to attend, please cancel or postpone a set appointment in good time, as this appointment will be kept free for you. It is very important to me that appointments are kept as punctually as possible for the benefit of my patients.
  • First consultation: In case of a first-time consultation you will be asked to fill out a data sheet. If you would like to do this at home, you can download it here and bring it with you (Download data sheet).